The Difference Between Adult and Teenage Acne

Acne does not only happen on teenagers. A lot of people, even adults suffer from acne. Teenage and adult acne is somewhat different. Teenage acne is usually brought about by the increase in androgen levels in the blood stream and considered as quite normal. Adult acne on the other hand can be brought about by a slew of other causes such as pregnancy, stress, and diet. To help you better understand the differences between teenage and adult acne and to find the best product for acne, here are some of the key things that you need to remember.

Understanding the Cause

Generally, acne starts when sebum, dirt, and acne bacteria is trapped inside your pores. These elements are trapped when dead skin cells cover your pores. As the bacteria multiplies, your body will try to contain it and this will start an inflammatory reaction, manifested by redness, swelling and pus.

In teenage acne, there is an over production of oil in your sebaceous glands. Normally the body can easily eliminate the oil produced but because there is an increased rate of sebum production, your skin can’t keep up. These causes the excess oil to be trapped inside your pores. This type of acne is temporary and you can eventually outgrow it.

Adult acne on the other hand is brought about by a hormonal condition, such as high insulin resistance where your body does not respond to normal insulin levels. Insulin is essential to break down fats and simple sugars. When your body does not respond to insulin, you tend to produce more so that your body can resume its normal processes and maintain a balanced state. High insulin levels in the blood stream can trigger the production of oil.

Stress is also considered a common cause of adult acne. Stress increases the cell turnover rate thus producing more dead skin cells. Because of oxidation and free radicals, these skin cells stick together and blocks the opening of your pores.

Diet can also cause adult acne. Some food items such as processed sugars, chocolate, milk and other dairy products, can trigger acne. Thus, it is very important to avoid these food items when you have acne.

Treating Teenage and Adult Acne

Though acne is very common among teenagers, there are a lot of ways to control it. In teenagers, it is best not to mess with your hormones because these hormones are essential for growth. The best way to deal with teenage acne is palliative treatment. You need to remove the dead skin cells with a good cleanser and follow it up with a reliable toner to control the amount of oil inside your pores.

Adult acne treatment on the other hand will require some diet and lifestyle changes.