Impress your Girl: 10 Great Tips for Dating

You’ve met what could be the future Mrs., but now your palms are sweaty, your knees are buckling and your stomach feels like a sea of creatures. What could you possibly do to impress that girl you are digging? Impressing a girl really isn’t that hard. Use these 10 tips and there will be no more nervousness and no more wondering if you’ll leave that special gal with a smile upon her face!

1. Be Yourself

Being yourself is something you must do. A fake can be spotted a mile away, and is not something she will appreciate. Besides, how can you build any type of relationship if you aren’t comfortable enough to be who you really are from the get go? Skip the wait three days to call rule, forget all that you’ve been told and you will notice how much better things can be.

2. Be Her Hero

Someone is stranded alongside the road; the little old lady seems to be struggling getting her groceries to her car. Helping out in these, or other, situations, will definitely leave her impressed.

3. Have a Sense of Humor

Who doesn’t like to laugh? Having a great sense of humor- even being able to laugh at yourself and the silly things that you do, will do wonders to leave her impressed.

4. Take initiative

If you want to touch her deep down in her heart, take initiative to show her how much she means to you. Plan a romantic dinner that you have prepared or an evening on the town and watch her eyes twinkle.

5. It is the Small Things that Count

Whether you know it or not, impressing a girl to the fullest isn’t about bringing her a dozen roses or spending hundreds of dollars on your date. It is the small things that impress her- and that will take you a long way in your relationship.

6. Listen to what She Has to Say

Don’t just pretend to listen. Take the time to really listen to what she has to say. Attention: there may be a quiz afterwards. Flunking isn’t what you want to do.

7. Show your “Other” Side

Sure, she wants a tough, macho man, but she also wants a man who can cry, watch a romantic movie and tell her how he really feels. Show that other side and you’ll get your props!

8. Take Care of Yourself

Women like a man who takes care of himself. This includes dressing nicely, taking care of his emotional self and of course physical as well. Take care and she’ll take notice.

9. Don’t Overdo It

Sometimes men think they know what a girl wants and try to hard- way to hard. This isn’t the best way to impress her. Never act desperate, never act like you can’t live without her. Act natural, don’t overdo it and she’ll appreciate it that much more.

10. It is What it is

It is what it is. Period, end of the story. If it is meant to be, it will be, regardless of your quirks or silly impressions on the date. Follow all of the tips above, let things happen as they will and remember- it is what it is. Love always finds a way to make it.

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